Russian Empire Culture And Art In Communist Times

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While many people are aware of the Communist era, few actually realize just what a major impact it had on art. Art has always been about influencing people in some way or at least getting them to think about things they might not ordinarily. However, the Communist regime used it to a totally different end, bringing Russian empire culture to a new meaning entirely. Indeed, the Communist regime was not about freedom of the people, but was just another means of spreading Russian empire culture for a new Russian empire.

What kind of Russian empire culture did these Communists show, exactly? They would use posters and political cartoons to portray their leaders as powerful or heroic figures, attempting to inspire people and get people to believe in their cause. In reality people started to hate and fear the Communist leaders as they realized that this Russian empire culture was just going to lead to yet another violent streak in history. And it did just that, as many brutal deaths and horrible violence took place during the Communist regime.

However it is still important to remember just what happened during Stalinist times under this new form of Russian empire culture. Through Russian art posters and Soviet posters we can see just how they did that. Sometimes obscure, their messages are always very odd but powerful, and they might well impact us on a subliminal level that few people realize. Indeed, culture and art does just that: it affects us on a level we can't consciously see or feel. Russian empire culture has certainly always been about the spread of power, and it was no different with the USSR and the Communist regime.

Just how destructive this Russian empire culture and Soviet poster use was is easy to see, as so many deaths took place and so much brutality was rampant under the Communists. While we have to be sensitive in how we talk about what happened, we also need to acknowledge it and remind ourselves that it did indeed happen. Russian empire culture also serves to remind us of the power of human creation and how art can indeed be as deadly as it is beautiful if it falls into the wrong hands. This is what happened with the Communist regime, and could happen again if we do not consciously remind ourselves.

Ultimately it is always important to recognize the impact of art and Russian empire culture to its fullest. There is no disputing the fact that the Communist regime was powerful and knew just how to use art and posters to further its agenda. Indeed, this was a poisonous and insidious use of art and it sowed destruction throughout Russia. We must always be vigilant and sensitive in how we treat art from now on, and these Russian empire culture works of art serve to remind us of that fact. If nothing else, they remind us of just how poisonous art can be if it ends up in a political agenda as it did with the Communist movement.
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Russian Empire Culture And Art In Communist Times

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This article was published on 2010/10/08