Finding a Russian Wife

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You may doubt that a "Bride out of the mailbox" can be anything rather than real. We refer here to the term that defines a Mail Order Bride type of dating. It is an international form of dating with a purpose of finding perhaps, a Russian wife.

In times of snail mail correspondence International Dating Agencies used dating catalogs that displayed pictures of opposite parties and after provided connections the letters from women with pictures would arrive in the mail box, so there it was, a "bride out of the box".

Now, in the era of electronic communications everyone uses Internet to become connected with potential partner online. And now, mail order bride type of dating has become nothing more than internet dating that calls for a longer distance travel and more of a cultural gap to deal with.

While internet dating within the USA for a Russian wife may also suggest a distance travel, still, the cultural gap may be less noticeable depended on how long the woman lived in the country and her level of language fluency.

Can marriages with Russian women be successful? There is no doubt they can. They have a great potential to be successful. Men, who are looking for a wife from Russia, need to keep in mind that Russian women will miss their country, they will be looking to create friendship with other Russian women and families, they will cook their Russian food and will want to travel back home to visit and such. If you are looking for a Russian wife it will help you to find out if this is something you would like to do by reading books about Russian life, getting familiar with the culture, so then you know more of what you are going "sign up" for, beside the fact of marrying a beautiful wife.

What expenses are you looking at, if you are considering bringing a wife from Russia? Well, after you correspond with her for a while and talk on the phone you may want to make plans to meet her. For the most part, women who live outside Moscow will need your assistance to pay for the trip, unless you run into a businesswoman who makes enough money to handle the trip. The latter is not very common for Russia does not have steady economy and is not such a wealthy country as the USA.

Now, after you two meet and if you decide to bring her to the USA, then there is a cost of a visa and further trip cost.

If you wanted to know why Russian women marry men from other countries I could tell you that from my own experience. young Russian women want to create families and have children with men who are also family-oriented, men who would love to be around them and not more more than just an occasional drinker if any at all. America provides people with a better and more stable economy with more opportunities for work and provision for the family. Russian women are just as any other caring women want their children to be able to find jobs when they grow up.

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Finding a Russian Wife

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This article was published on 2010/03/28
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